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President's Speech

  After three decades of innovation and reform under the unremitting efforts of all the staff, Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) has developed into an integrated digital publisher with the patent literature publication, book publication, digital publication, intellectual property (IP) service and patent information service as its core businesses.

  IPPH has been seeking for development in the course of innovation and vigorously promoting patent literature publishing for three decades. On one hand, the patent literatures have been completely published; on the other hand, leapfrog development has been achieved in patent literature publishing methods by means of technological innovations. The paper, electronic and online editions of the patent literatures can be published synchronously, which has reached the international advanced level. By the end of 2011, over 7 million Chinese patent literatures have been published and have spread to tens of countries and regions such as America, EU, Japan and Korea, etc, which plays an active role in the patent literature exchange between China and other countries in the world.

  In the course of serving readers, authors and IP undertaking at large, IPPH has published a number of IP books and periodicals. IPPH has always been in the industry-leading position in terms of the types and quality of IP books and has forged unique brand superiority and influence. Meanwhile, taking IP books as the core, IPPH has been expanding the publishing fields and has formed a professional publishing pattern featured by IP, law, architecture, innovation, literature, history and art. In 2009, IPPH was awarded one of the national top 100 book publishers by General Administration of Press and Publication for its glorious achievements and unique development model.

  Based on the patent literature digitization, IPPH has integrated patent information resources and provided patent information services, establishing a sound system of patent information products and services. Targeting the characteristics of specific industries and needs of different users, IPPH has so far established the Integrated Patent Information Searching Platform, Industrial Thematic Databases and Customized Thematic Databases. Based on that, IPPH has launched products and services such as patent analysis and alerting, investigation and watching as well as machine translation, ,which would provide a package of patent information application solutions for users at home and abroad and information support for the decision-making, innovation and risk control of the governments, enterprises, universities and research institutes.

  In addition, publishing on demand and digital publishing have also been promoted at IPPH. Publishing on Demand Foundation and Digital Publishing Foundation at advanced level have been set up after years of exploration and development. So far, nearly ten thousand extinct books during the period of Republic of China, hundreds of materials in the modern history and tens of academic periodicals at Literature Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences have been published at Digital Publishing Foundation through the model of publishing on demand. That greatly meets the publishing need of the short supply books, extinct books and personalized books in the market.

  Over three decades, IPPH has grasped the opportunities brought by the booming of IP undertaking and made great progress under the leadership of the State Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) and with the support and help of the authors, readers and all walks of life. So, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to the leaders and public who have always been concerning about our development.

  Facing the new situation of deepening cultural restructuring and stimulating socialist culture prosperity put forward by the sixth plenary session of the 17th Central Committee of CPC, IPPH will adhere to the management ideology of releasing the energy of wisdom, deepen the system reform and talented personnel cultivation, enhance the core competitiveness of IPPH, and make contributions to the cultural prosperity of IP undertaking.

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